Client Side Credit Card Validation

I haven’t posted too much because I’ve mostly been working on payment processing. While important to

Using Tuples as Return Types

As C# has incorporated more concepts from function programming one of things that was introduced in

Improving Web App Startup Performance

We’re troubleshooting some slow initial performance of some WCF services in our application. That led us

CsvHelper – Using Expressions To Customize Import/Export

I’v been cleaning up some legacy code in the system I’m working on, including some CSV

Azure Websites

When we first started looking into building this site we initially wanted to host in Azure.

Should Developers Test?

Don't ever ASK a developer if they want to help test, this will be their response.

Singing the praises of TeraCopy

Recently, we wanted to move a database up to an Amazon EC2 server instance.  Problem was

Replacing Live Mesh With Bittorrent Sync

One of my favorite products from Microsoft was Windows Live Mesh.   Mesh was billed somewhat
Off Topic

New Release of AnimateIt

Just for fun, I thought I’d share that there is a new release for my Windows

Using Slow Cheetah for Config Transformations

With the release of Visual Studio 2010, developers received a bit of help with one of